AMCOMP's education program, certified Workers Compensation Professional ( WCP®) was developed to help raise the professional standards in the field of workers compensation. Each of us is able to detail the need to improve the industry in our own business histories, almost always concluding that a common body of knowledge and measurement would benefit all participants in the field: insurers, reinsurers, insureds, self-insureds, regulators, agents, brokers and most importantly, claimants.

The AMCOMP certification program is intended to develop a basic foundation of knowledge of the various aspects of the industry so that individuals who have completed the program will have a better understanding and appreciation of how the various pieces (e.g. claims, risk management, pricing, etc.) work together in order to make the greater whole.

The WCP® (Workers Compensation Certified Professional) designation signifies that an individual has completed a rigorous workers' compensation curriculum and successfully passed course examinations demonstrating a broad-based knowledge and understanding of workers compensation.

As a WCP®, they now join other workers' comp professionals throughout the United States who have risen to the top of this important profession. In fact, over the last two years (2015-17) we have educated nearly 250 workers' comp professionals through the WCP® Program. They may now proudly display the distinguished letters "WCP®" next to their name in all professional correspondence.


On behalf of the AMCOMP Board of Directors, thnak you for your interest in the WCP Program and we salute your effort and motivation to achieve this accomplishment.



Welcome to The American Society of Workers Comp Professionals!