AMCOMP’s Principal Objectives
1. To maintain the integrity and degree of excellence in the field of workers compensation by providing a professional designation (upon fulfillment of various criteria, including successful completion of a core curriculum and/or qualifying work experience) that will serve as an industry standard;

2. To further the education of all workers comp professionals by providing relevant courses in the workers compensation field of study and in related disciplines;

3. To maintain a current understanding of emerging trends and issues in the workplace and how they relate to the field of workers compensation by means of newsletters, annual meetings, monographs, conferences and/or relevant seminars; and

4. To further ethical standards in the field of workers compensation by establishing uniform guidelines and principles.

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Benefits of Membership
AMCOMP's education program, certified Workers Compensation Professional ( WCP®) was developed to help raise the professional standards in the field of workers compensation.

Each of us is able to detail the need to improve the industry in our own business histories, almost always concluding that a common body of knowledge and measurement would benefit all participants in the field: insurers, reinsurers, insureds, self-insureds, regulators, agents, brokers and most importantly, claimants.

The AMCOMP certification program is intended to develop a basic foundation of knowledge of the various aspects of the industry so that individuals who have completed the program will have a better understanding and appreciation of how the various pieces (e.g. claims, risk management, pricing, etc.) work together in order to make the greater whole.


Discounts to Conferences & Seminars:
While AMCOMP conferences and seminars are open to members and non-members alike, members in good standing are eligible to attend at a member discounted registration fee.


Eligibility for WCP® Certification Program:
AMCOMP members in good standing are eligible to enroll in AMCOMP's certified Workers Comp Professional education program which enables them to earn the distinguished WCP® designation.


Association Published Monographs/Digests:
AMCOMP members in good standing receive “free of charge” a copy of each monograph and digest published by the association. These unique monographs are an indepth study of issues that have a direct effect on the workers comp industry.


AMCOMP Member Directory & Products/Services Resource Guide:
All members in good standing receive a copy of this comprehensive publication which gives members a convenient, up-to-date resource for contacting other members, and highlights each member's products/services.


Networking Opportunities:
AMCOMP's conferences and seminars allow attendees to interact with other industry professionals. Participation in AMCOMP programs offers the opportunity to establish new business contacts while sharing experiences on the latest industry trends and issues.


Corporate Partnerships:
Corporate partnership opportunities allow companies to publicly recognize their organization's commitment to support and endorse the highest professional standards in the workers compensation industry.


Welcome to The American Society of Workers Comp Professionals!