Certification Enrollment

Enrollment may be obtained by downloading and completing an enrollment application and certification order form mailing them to:

     C/O Accolade Management
     610 Freedom Business Center Drive, Ste. 110
     King of Prussia, PA  19406

Enrollment forms can also be emailed to Thomas Shovlin, AmCOMP Account Manager at thomas@amcomp.org along with the necessary payment information.

A.  A home study exam (based on the honor system) is required to be taken upon the completion of Chapter Six of the AMCOMP® Course Guide. Exams
    should be returned for grading within 30 days of receipt of the exam.

    To request that an exam be sent to you, fill out an AMCOMP® Certification Order Form and mail or fax it to AMCOMP at the above address.

B. Notification of exam grades will be issued in writing.

C. Final course testing, typically, will be offered at least bi-annually. (Note: The final proctored exam will be given in conjunction with AMCOMP® 
    conferences or seminars so that individuals attending can sit for the exam in an effort to offset travel expenses. The final proctored exam can also be
    given at other times and places arranged by AMCOMP®).

E. Applicants will be notified in writing of test results.

F. Upon passing the final exam, individuals will receive their certification certificate and a WCP lapel pin. Certified individuals may also display the
    letters “WCP” next to their name in all professional correspondence and on business cards. In addition, WCP’s will be highlighted in newsletters and
    on the web site. Individuals who do not pass the final exam are eligible to re-take the exam for a nominal fee at a future date.

Application for Certification
The application for certification must be completed on forms provided by AMCOMP®. (download PDF form here)

The application requests the following information:
A.  Name, address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail (home and office
B.  Present and prior business affiliations;
C.  Work experience;
D.  Areas of specialty;
E.  Certificates and other licenses held;
F.  Education;
G.  Professional associations;
H.  Criminal convictions (except minor traffic violations), governmental or regulatory entity disciplinary rulings;
I.   Signed statement by applicant that he/she will agree to abide by the By-laws and professional standards of AMCOMP®, that the information provided is
     subject to verification; and the applicant agrees that the information is accurate to the best of his/her knowledge, information and belief after taking
     reasonable steps to ensure its accuracy.
J.   Any other information the applicant believes should be provided to the Board of Directors.

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